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Meghan Wallace James: creative cohort, dear buddy and resident expert on all things space/sex/style compiled a checklist for conjuring health and happiness in our homes...  


Sustainable Website?

YES. check out: Goldune ︎

Very excellent curation of sustainable goodies for the home and life.

(And i love their font choices)


The Artist’s Way

This book
cracked me wide open. I am so grateful.


Podcast  with Nicole Sachs

Podcast  with Nicole Sachs.  




I go to Carolyn Barron at Botanarchy ︎

Friends + Work 

we spend a lot of time on our chosen profession, so why not choose the people we get to do that with? - contributed to this article for Well + Good w/ SS on working w/ friends.

for those inquiring minds:

check out my boyfriend’s podcast : Alchemy This

+ comedy album 😍