Understandable that no one wants a revisit- BUT That’s So Retrograde’s final episode of 2020, recapping our favorite wellness practices + discoveries of the year, puts a positive exploratory twist on what was otherwise, well... 2020.

Here’s what I mentioned:

Matcha Hustle (use code RETROGRADE)

Wave Soda

Hi ball

Kin spritz (use code RETROGRADE)

Sakara Chlorophyll (use code RETROGRADE)



Lord Jones CBD Bath Salts

Prima Bath Gem

Star and Light Projector

Boho Beautiful Yin Yoga Videos

Heretic Candles- scents: dirty fig, smudge, dirty vanilla

PF Candle Co. - Copal Candle/ Pinon incense

United Other Incense

Bala Weights

LEK Fit Streaming

Nicole Sachs Journal Speak

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron