Things for right now:
January 2021 Edition

We have a new president and vp so nothing else matters but here are some other things I got into this month:

Composting Curiousity:
Bamboo Compost Bin from Goldune - sticking to my one new years intention and got this compost bin - i also like this option from the same site

Cozies Everyday:
Mate The Label - eco thermal set: boxy crop long sleeve + these pants did i think eco thermal could bring me this much joy? No. but here we are 2020

︎ Bathroom upgrade ︎:
Coyuchi - for organic bedding and towels. I am so sick of using towels until their are on their last leg and having nowhere to go from there- decided to purchase coyochi because i was delighted to learn about their circular initative (got these ones to match my dog + this organic mattress pad too)

Dwellings upgrade for my inner commitment phobe:
Fernish - Furniture rental- turning my breakfast nook into a podcasting nook and rented this table for it - (interested parties: if you use my referral code they will give u a discount)

Not. A. Good. Look. :
This article courtesy of Cosmo on the unlikely connection between wellness influencers + Qanon conspiracy theories 🧪

For LA People:
CSA Organic Farmbox from Flamingo Estates

Listened to the whole thing:
Chameleon: The Hollywood Con Queen Podcast