The perfect list of to-do’s to dial in your space. This was originally crafted for the That’s So Retrograde audience as an end of year type of thing. However, upon a top of January re-vist, it has proved to be the ideal checklist for my top of year shui attack. 🤪

There is no heavy lifting here - “do just enough and keep it pleasant” as MWJ says. So do one task daily or tackle a few at a time and let your space be your homebase of happiness + health.


  1. Is your address clearly marked? (Good tidings need to be able to find you.)

  2. Do you know your home’s numerology?  

  3. Does your mailbox look worthy of checks vs. bills?

  4. Where do you hide your hide-a-key?

  5. First Impressions: Is your doormat both effective and attractive?

  6. Where do your eyes go when you first walk into yours?  Does this turn you on... Or turn you off?

  7. Why not upgrade all this hand washing with groovy towels and classy soap dispensers?

  8. Ever contemplate cleaning as a moving meditation?  Cleaning as cathartic cardio?

  9. Try clean windows for clear vision.

  10. Try clean floors for grounded next steps.

  11. Ever try bookshelf bibliomancy for next step guidance?

  12. Could you create Stations Of Creativity around your place?  Visual cues for furthering hobbies?

  13. Real life not an emblem of life.  Replace faux and dried with living and juicy.

  14. Did you know houseplants are a barometer of the interior health of your home?

  15. What a year.  Clear the air.  Try a salt burn.  

  16. Would you consider sharing a signature scent with your home?

  17. Light Bulb Moments: Fresh light bulbs lead to bright ideas.

  18. Did you know that dimmer switches set the mood?

  19. In the mood to alter your altar?

  20. When was the last time you cleaned behind your major appliances?

  21. Make your refrigerator an Incognito Altar to health.  Ever going to use all those condiments?

  22. Did you know your oven is associated with wealth and health?  How’s yours lookin’?

  23. Would you / could you rotate your go-to burner?

  24. Make your medicine cabinet an Incognito Altar to self care.

  25. Ever host a date in your bathtub?

  26. What possessions in your home need an assigned home? 

    1. No piles on the floor-no piles period-feels so adult.
    2. Matching hangers feel so adult.  Leave a few empty for room for more.

  27. Are all of your framed photos from one point in time?  Time warps are a drag.

  28. Don’t trash your ideas with a trash can beneath your desk.

  29. Cut the cords with your digital clutter.


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