I put together this gift guide for my friends @ Crown Affair:

United Other Incense ropes- I discovered these from my acupuncturist and dear friend, Carolyn Barron ( @botanarchy), her office always smelled so woodsy and serene and I needed that in my life- I recommend their sample box which I love to give as is or I break it up and throw one in the envelope of a  love note 💌

Heretic candles- I think fancy candles as gifts are my love language? -  Heretic is hands down my favorite synthetic free fragrance brand and their candles are clean, luxurious and smell incredible  - recommended candle scents are: smudge, dirty fig and dirty vanilla. I wear dirty grapefruit as my scent- so people at Heretic if you happen to read this -petition to make this one the next candle? thanks!

For days- the first basics apparel line to close the loop on sustainability - meaning: you purchase a piece from them and when you are done with it you send it back to them and can replace it with a new piece from their line for a discount. They recycle the piece. Its genius. its the future. and everyone needs to know about it

Crown Affair’s The Brush no.  002

There is something to be said for an amazing hair brush and I feel like oftentimes this isn't something we treat ourselves to, thus this is an ideal option when you are the one doing the treating.🎁

Sleep Crown- is an independent business that I absolutely cherish in my own life- just heaven in pillow form. Their standard size  goes over the top of your head (leaving mouth and nose uncovered)  for instant relaxation. They also make a travel size and body pillow-  i recommend all of the above.