2009 Was A Good Year.

2009 - graduated michigan state university with a degree in communication arts + sciences, a specialization in public relations, and a few credits shy of a gender studies minor….moves to LA within a week

12 days into living in LA - myPR  internship brings me to working the door at the VMA’s after party - MIA is performing.. I put my clipboard down and end up on stage

That first LA job was a crash course in LA Pr and pulled back the curtain on celebrity culture and how it merges w/ brand recognition - i spent the next 9 months planning and working “style lounges” aka gifting suites for the emmys, VMA’s, golden globes, oscars and sundance

My next gig was at capobianco and associates - founded by cindy capobianco and rob rosenheck- 2 of the smartest people i ever had the pleasure of working for- we were doing high level PR creative and strategy - cindy + rob went on to channel their intuitive talents into founding the trailblazing cbd brand that is fucking everywhere, Lord Jones- thank the lord

My boyfriend at the time had just launched the website texts from last night- one of the first user generated content sites in existence. I channeled my PR know how into helping them field all the incoming press, so i sort of got a crash course in how to handle tech

This is when rachel zoe came calling- conceptualizing and launching The Zoe Report - her daily newsletter + managing her online partnerships + reality tv crews, and an influx

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